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For enterprises to provide their employees with a package of welfare protection in personal accident, medical, pension so as to stabilize workforce, achieve substantial development and take up social responsibility.
To customized the content and extent of coverage of employee welfare protection depending on the actual situation of enterprises.

In response to the organizational needs, we assist enterprise in planning package of welfare protection and render services in welfare plan design, insurance arrangement, claim analysis, customer service system, welfare policy consultation and workshop.

Our professional services enable us help enterprises or organizations control spending in employee benefits, relief workload of human resources department, enhance the effect of welfare, improve employee satisfaction, attract and retain talents.

The following products and services are recommended:

Core health benefit program

To achieve flexible employee welfare protection program at a reasonable premium for life insurance, personal accident, medical treatment, hospitalization, serious illness and pension.

Optional program

A variety of packages and products covering health management and workshop for employee to raise sense of belonging, giving employees the right to choose and to decide so as to meet the needs of individual employee to the maximum extent.

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