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Goodfaith secure insurance quotations from multiple insurance companies, integrate and analyze the terms and conditions in objective and professional perspective to provide Customers with suitable insurance covers.

It may not be easy for Customers to discuss insurance arrangements with numerous insurers to find out the proper cover that suits their insurance needs, especially with a variety of options available in the insurance markets. Goodfaith spare Customers the time-consuming processes in seeking insurance quotations and making comparisons between policy terms and conditions but also render Customers prompt and professional services in obtaining optimal insurance covers.

With our understanding of insurance, we are capable of risk management consulting, claim possessing, self-insurance risk analyzing, insurance planning and etc. Customers will realize better the potential risks and eliminating or transferring such risks thereby reducing losses to Customers that may be caused by insufficient awareness of risks.

Our business is in a wide range and our service area covers the whole country. Having maintained close relationship with domestic and international partners, we provide comprehensive insurance services to Customers from small-to-medium-sized companies to multinational enterprises.

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